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The Learning Street

Fremium SocialBusiness Model

Free - many free activities and trial sessions

Premium - core offering, 3 hours per week ( for a 30 euros investment per 4 weeks ) of valued services along Gumpendorfer Strasse in Wien ( The Happiest Street in Town, and most favoured location for living (&working) , learning and loving (& playing ) ) Centred on Happy Cafe Al Chile! Scholarships are available for consideration on request.

Supporters - may or may not participate in Activities, but their support helps the program grow and extend to other geographical areas, initially in Kampala, Freetown and Bharatpur.


core premium focus now on building:-

1. Waltzing Atoms sessions

2. Robo Wunderkind sessions

3. CafeDEnglish sessions

4. Digital inclusion sessions

5 Recreation Redefined sessions

the image is my cousin Lucy, who seems to have found inclusion through the internet, and is also a wonderful Life Long Learner as seen by her L plate

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